Precious Cat’s Shelter Partners Program.

Inappropriate elimination is the number one behavioral reason cats are abused and surrendered to shelters. Precious Cat’s goal is to help keep cats in their homes and using the litter box.

We will provide Precious Cat Shelter Kits, to 501c3 shelters and rescue groups, free of charge. These kits include samples of Cat Attract Litter Additive, Litter Box Solutions booklets, and coupons for Precious Cat litter. We hope these kits can be used to help cats remain at home and not enter the shelter. The Precious Cat Shelter Kits are also a valuable tool to ease the transition from the shelter to a new home.

If you are a shelter interested in receiving Free Precious Cat Shelter Kits call our toll free number 877-311-CATS (2287).

Request your Free Shelter Kit